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The Extraction Bottle Rotator
for MHRB Extractions

The Extraction Bottle Rotator (E.B.R.) is an original invention of Team EleusinianVisions,
with the intention to make dye extractions easier and more efficient.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: We are constantly improving the components, so the final product will not be 100% what you see here, for example switches, rotating bars, rotating speed etc will be changed for the better. We will try to update the images here as frequently as possible.

How to use

To use it, just put your vase/bottle/any round container on it, turn the switch ON, and turn the potentiometer to the desired speed of rotation. Its as simple as that.


Benefits from using our rotator

Instead of performing extractions manually, you can now just let your container roll for any desired time, increasing yield/efficiency, saving your time for something more productive.

The Extraction bottle rotator was primarily designed for the extraction stages where your container needs to be shaken or rotated to extract as much dye as possible.

Features and Specs

About Shipping

We ship Worldwide from Europe, and we offer free tracked shipping (7-14 working days), unless your order is more complex than usual. For "custom" orders, contact us.

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