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Mimosa Hostilis Inner Root Bark

Powdered & Whole

We are dedicated only to providing you the best Mimosa Hostilis Bark there is.
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Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark (MHRB)
Whole bark / Chopped

* Proven as most discreet shipping option for very strict countries *

Our Brazilian Mimosa Hostilis Inner Root Bark is delicately peeled from the Mimosa Hostilis tree root and dried under the Brazilian hot sun. Opting for the whole form adds to the bark a slightly extended shelf life, while the option to powder it whenever needed adds versatility to its form. Suggestion: Deep freeze your bark for 24-48 h to maximize your yields.

Mimosa Hostilis MHRB chopped chips

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Weight - Price
50g - 24 $ / 23 €
100g - 33 $ / 32 €
200g - 49 $ / 47 €
400g - 73 $ / 70 €
900g - 124$ / 118€

Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Powder

* Extraction ready form *

Our Brazilian Mimosa Hostilis Inner Root Bark Powder is ready for use in this form. We're committed to quality, sourcing whole roots and carefully processing them into powder ourselves. This ensures the purity and high quality of our product making sure it doesnt contain impurities. The powdered form offers increased chemical reactivity, thanks to its larger surface area, making it ideal for chemical processing.

Mimosa Hostilis MHRB shredded Powdered/Powder

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Shipped from EU via Air Mail.
Delivery (AVRG): 4-9 days to US & EU.

Weight - Price
50g - 27 $ / 26 €
100g - 37 $ / 35 €
200g - 53 $ / 50 €
400g - 76 $ / 73 €
900g -127$ / 121€

Powdered or Whole root bark ?

A common question beginners ask is the difference in Whole/Chopped and powdered MHRB. The two forms differ only in form and chemical reactivity. If you want to process your bark for let's say dyeing or other purposes, you should work with powdered, or you can powder your whole root bark yourself.

Root Bark Content

Mimosa Hostilis root bark contains tannins, which serve as natural fixatives for organic dyes, enhancing color retention on fabrics and providing a natural brown or purple color. The root bark also has a high concentration of tryptamine alkaloids, particularly in the inner root bark. (Wikipedia).

*We do not supply Mimosa hostilis for human or animal consumption *

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