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We are EleusinianVisions, a small Mimosa Hostilis Inner Root Bark (MHRB) supplier with years of experience. Our focus is to provide all our customers worldwide the highest quality Brazilian MHRB available to us at the most affordable prices. We are two regular people with a goal to help the global state of consciousness a tiny bit, by giving to people the way to "know-thyself" via our visionary bark. Communication, Honesty and Integrity are in every interaction we have with our customers and partners.

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Aug/6/2023 - We are resupplying bark within this week. We apologise for the shipping delays of the previous week's orders. We will give everyone some extra bark to compensate ;-)

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Our Products
Powdered & Whole MHRB

We accept both retail and wholesale orders.
We ship our MHRB to Europe, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and the rest of the world !

MHRB - Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark
Whole bark/Chopped

* Best option for safer shipping to places outside EU for large quantity orders (>10Kg) *

Brazilian Mimosa Hostilis Inner Root Bark of high potency. The root bark is peeled carefully from the tree root and left to dry for a week under the sun. The Whole form is the best for long storage life. Can be powdered in a blender.

For wholesale prices, contact us.

Mimosa Hostilis Root bark MHRB

Free Tracked Shipping 📦 ✓

We ship it within 24h 🕑

Shipped from EU via Air Mail.
Delivery (AVRG): 4-9 days to US & EU.

Weight - Price
50g - 24 $ / 23 €
100g - 33 $ / 32 €
200g - 49 $ / 47 €
400g - 73 $ / 70 €
900g - 124$ / 118€

MHRB - Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark

* This form is Ready for Extraction *

Brazilian Mimosa Hostilis Inner Root Bark in powdered or finely shredded form, ready for use. We exclusively source whole roots and process them into powder ourselves to ensure the high quality and purity of our powdered bark. The powdered form has high chemical reactivity due to its larger surface area.

Mimosa Hostilis root bark MHRB powder

Free Tracked Shipping 📦 ✓

We ship it within 24h 🕑

Shipped from EU via Air Mail.
Delivery (AVRG): 4-9 days to US & EU.

Weight - Price
50g - 27 $ / 26 €
100g - 37 $ / 35 €
200g - 53 $ / 50 €
400g - 76 $ / 73 €
900g -127$ / 121€

Custom orders

We offer "custom orders" designed just for you for both wholesale or retail orders. These can include custom varying root bark amounts, or require specific modifications such as custom packaging or more discreet shipping.

MHRB Wholesale

The Extraction Bottle Rotator

An original project by us to maximize your MHRB extraction yields.
Coming (soon)

Extraction bottle rotator

Powder or Whole?

Is the common question beginners ask. Whole/Chopped and powdered MHRB differ only in form and chemical reactivity. If you want to process the bark for let's say dyeing or other purposes, you should go with powdered, or you can powder your whole root bark yourself.

Tannin and Alkaloid Content

Tannins from plants like Mimosa hostilis act as natural mordants for organic dyes, enhancing color retention on fabrics, and giving a natural brown/purple color. The alkaloid content of Mimosa hostilis varies, but it typically contains high levels of alkaloids such as tryptamines. The concentration of these alkaloids is at its highest in the (inner) root bark. (Wikipedia)

*We do not supply Mimosa hostilis for human or animal consumption *

Other Names of Mimosa Hostilis

Did you know Mimosa hostilis is also called :

  • Mimosa tenuiflora
  • Tepezcohuite in Mexico
  • Jurema preta in Brazil
  • Acacia hostilis

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Why choose us ?

• Most Affordable MHRB Prices in the market, as our goal is to make it available to more people

• High-quality, fresh MHRB gathered, dried, and shipped directly from Brazil to us and then to you!

• Our reach extends to all countries with fast, discreet, and free tracked shipping.

• Fast Customer support/communication. We respond to you within seconds to under 4 hours on average.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers and to form long term relationships based on trust.